Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is the theory and practice of an agent of transformation, supporting a professional’s awareness, leadership and talent, through behavioral and business interventions, within an organisational context. (Antonas, 2017, Coaching for Impact, Routledge, pg 4)

For Whom

  • C-level executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • High potentials
  • Leaders in business
  • Management


  • Identifying professional, personal and organisational opportunity for development
  • Exploring the coachee’s impact, both personally and professionally.
  • Forming a clear action plan for sustainable change
  • Employing coaching tools to enhance the ability to lead teams


  • Aligning performance with company vision, principles and strategy
  • Executives and leaders can expect to enhance, improve and build on their pace, resilience, accountability, influence and deliberation (PRAID Leadership Model, Antonas, 2017)

The Process

Clusters of six 45-minute meetings, which can be renewed as appropriate. The initial engagement, comprises 9 meetings:

  1. A no-obligations chemistry meeting between the executive and our coach
  2. kick off meeting between all stakeholders (such as the Head of HR, the line manager if applicable etc) to set expectations and deliverables
  3. A completely customised 360 will be designed and employed if deemed useful
  4. Six 45-minute coaching sessions (The cycle of 6 can be repeated)
  5. follow up meeting between stakeholders to assess progress

The outcome of the engagement, is to a large extent determined by the quality of the relation between the coach and the coachee. In addition to employing behavioral interventions and tools, such as NLP, GROW and PRAID, our coachees also focus on the client’s process.

We ensure that we focus as much on aligning the coachee’s performance with the company vision and strategy as we do on supporting the coachee’s personal and professional evolution. Support and challenge come in equal measure and excellence is uncompromisingly pursued.