Customised Sales Training

Winning Sales: Developing a Winning Sales Team

An A to Z approach in building a potent, sales team, whereby our consultants, integrate themselves into the system and work from within

  • Rigorous Data Collection and Assessment of your sales force
  • Generating a uniform, effective operational sales model
  • Establishing a common, internal, communication code
  • Generating applicable values
  • Setting and monitoring common KPIs across the sales force
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Clarifying reporting lines and job description
  • Training and utilising established best practices
  • Actual case study presentations
  • Coaching Team leaders

The approach is fully customised, taking into account the client’s profile, market segment, culture, maturity, areas for development and growth opportunities.

Based on Organisational Development, we develop tailor made sales methodologies considering the client’s culture, CRM and reporting tools, product or service, customers and segment. Client centric approach. With this approach, the client achieves uniformity on the operational front, customer experience, internal reporting, common language, etc. Real life examples are being used for the exercises from the clients ‘actual business.